Jordan Aircraft Services

Our 5000 Sq. Ft. shop houses an extensive range of tooling and equipment  such as;


> Power Shear

> 20 ton Press Brake

> Marchant 6A Pneumatic      Shrinker/Stretcher

> Bridgeport Milling machine

> 13"X40" Metal Lathe

> Large Capacity English Wheel

> Conrac-Leonard 201 Hydraulic Tube bender w/ tooling up to 1.5"

> Band Saws

> Manual Shear and Brake

> 8" Belt Sander

> Power Bead Roller

> Press & Sikorsky Standard Lightning Hole and Joggle Dies

> Stationary and Portable Tig Welders

> Mig welder with Aluminum Spool Gun

> 36" Stationary Pneumatic rivet Squeezer

> Rotex Carousel Punch

> Bead Blasting Cabinets

> Power Notching Machine

> Certified tooling fixtures     

Our shop is located at 6038 Crater Lake Ave. Central Point, Oregon

One of the 5 tanks that make up the DC10 Tanker assembly is shown here in the support fixture.


These fixtures have been certified by the use of a laser measuring device, allowing us to hold extremely tight tolerances on our finished products.


In many instances, the requirements hold us to a plus or minus .005" tolerance.         

Jordan Air has the following Aircraft on its capabilities list and can expand it to include additional Airframes at any time.



Sikorsky CH54A/B Airframe

Sikorsky S61N/L Airframe

Sikorsky SH-3 Airframe

Erickson S64E/F Airframe

Hughes 500 Airframe

Bell/Garlick UH-1B Airframe

KMAN K1200 Airframe

Cessna Citation 550

McDonald Douglass/Boeing MD87 

Erickson Air-Crane Fire Tank

Sikorsky S61/H3 Internal Firefighting Tank System



Additionally, we have the following Manufacturing capabilities:



DC10 Fire Tank Structures and Hydraulics systems

MD87/DC9 Internal firefighting tank system

Sikorsky model S61 and H3 Internal Firefighting Tank System

Erickson Air-Crane Fire Tank Structural Assembly

S64/CH54 Flyaway Utility Box

S61/H3 Seat rail Modification and Installation

Sikorsky CH53 Fire Tank Structural Assembly and Vent System

Sikorsky CH54 Fire Tank Structural Assembly

MD 600 Utility Basket




Our capabilities are not limited to aircraft and rotorcraft repair. We also custom fabricate just about anything to your specifications.


Custom quad trailers, assembly fixtures, material racks etc..

We use the latest in manufacturing technology to ensure flawless performance of the finished product
Fully functional testing our newly developed tanks to determine drop rates are consistent with forest service requirements.
Our internal fire tank fits like a glove in the S61/H3